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Continuum of Curriculum

The use of inquiry as a teaching strategy is one common characteristic of a PYP classroom.  Inquiry puts students at the center of their learning, and when done well the teacher moves from being the primary giver of student learning to the facilitator of student learning.  Our goal is for curriculum to reflects real life by encouraging learning through meaningful, in-depth inquiries into real issues.


In MYP, the Areas of Interaction are the contexts through which the curriculum content interacts with the real world.  These common interactive themes are embedded in the subject groups and are not subjects themselves.  They can also be described as five broad areas of student inquiry.   The areas of interaction promote holistic learning and demonstrate the interdisciplinary potential of the Middle Years Programme.



Theory of Knowledge is the flagship course of the DP and is the connection between the six academic disciplines. Theory of Knowledge puts the student as knower in the center of the course and encourages critical thinking about knowledge itself. Through TOK, students’ thinking and their understanding of knowledge as a human construction are shaped, enriched and deepened.